Dodo Yogi

"A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform."

Diane Mariechild

“Dodo Yogi crafts garments infused with love and ethical principles. Prioritizing women’s empowerment, fair compensation, and minimal environmental impact, we partner directly with small, local businesses. While our values-driven approach requires more time, the results are evident in every stitch and every conversation we have.

These values form the heartbeat of Dodo Yogi.”


No unfair human labour

Support your local community

Slow fashion

Spread the love

Bali; The Island of Gods, is more than just our home; it’s our source of inspiration – a canvas where imagination thrives, and the possibilities for creation are endless. This path takes us to the talented artisans of Ubud, a small community nestled in the Balinese mountains overflowing with artistic ability. 

Welcome to Dodo Yogi, where your choices directly reflect your values and support the people at the heart of the products. 

As generosity is part of a woman’s essence, we want to redistribute to all those in need. The opportunities we create and the resources we generate will be used to encourage and assist Balinese community initiatives such as Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi or Mitra Bali Fait Trade.

Be Who You Are

Welcome to Dodo Yogi, where your choices directly reflect your values and support the people at the heart of the products.

Love always Dodo Yogi

Dodo Yogi was born from my love of movement, body expression and acro yoga. My message from Dodo Yogi to the world is to celebrate who you are, move your body in every way possible to connect with your feminine energy and use your ability as a consumer to create a positive impact with your consumer decisions. 

Dodo Yogi aims to be a part of a growing movement committed to shaping a brighter future for artisans, entrepreneurs and consumers alike. 

Together, lets push the boundaries of human imagination and unite to achieve our common goals. 

Love always,
Dodo Yogi

Our Pledge to Mother Earth

Embracing the ethos of slow fashion, we collaborate with small businesses instead of large factories, opting for natural dyes and utilizing recycled fabrics. By producing limited quantities of clothing at a time, we aim to minimize waste. We’re continuously exploring greener options for our production, shipping, and packaging processes, ensuring our commitment to sustainability remains at the heart.